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"A dog may be man’s best friend, but the horse wrote history."

We pride ourselves on having the best lesson horses as part of our family. Each horse was picked to join our lesson program for their ability to teach our students as much as our instructors do. Along with lessons some of our horses are availble for lease, read below for an introduction to each of our great horses and ponies. While most of our horses and ponies are listed below, we are still working on this page, please be patient while we continue to add to this page

Bear Hug (Critter) is the perfect beginner pony. The 22 year old welsh cross is responsible for starting many young riders on their equestrian journey. Critter is used in beginner lessons, and is also currently available for 1/2 lease.

Brooklyn's Broadway Baby (Gypsy) is an 8 year old welsh cross who is used for our smallest riders of all levels. Dont let this pony's size fool you, she is a talented jumper who has been nicknamed "Super Pony" at local horse shows because of her incredible jump. Gypsy is currently available for 1/2 lease.

Whether you are a dad just beginning your riding career or you are jumping small jumps Big D is an all around great guy. Big D is an American Quarter Horse with a been there done that sort of attitude about everything. He is an amazing addition to our barn family, and we love him. Big D is currently available for 1/2 Lease

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