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Sunset Ridge Home School  Program

Sunset Ridge will be offering two seperate options for home schoolers. Option 1 is a riding only option, for 16 weeks students will participate in 1 hour riding lessons with an instructor. The total cost of this program is $480. Participants have the choice of paying monthly, $130 or paying for all 16 weeks in advanced and recieving a $30 discount, the total being $450.


Option 2 is a full horsmanship class (see class overview below) that includes class room time as well as riding time. 


All middle school and high school age students are eligable to join our Interscholastic Equesrian Association riding team when their riding level allows. This team allows students to compete against other riding schools and schools and prepare for competing at the collegiate level. For more information on our IEA Team please contact our office.

Horsemanship Class Overview


16 week program beginning 8/31 and ending 12/14. Time not yet sure but expect 2.5 hrs.

Week 1- Grooming, Leading etc. Participants learn how to catch and lead the horse to be ridden. They learn the hows and whys of grooming and learn about grooming equipment

Week 2- Tack and tacking. Participants learn to recognize and name different kinds of tack and the basics of tacking up the horse.

Week 30 Basic Stable Management. Participants learn how horses are cared for on a daily basis. They learn what they are fed and why, and the basics of how to properly care for horses.

Week 4- Horse Breeds and colors. Participants learn to recognize some common horse breeds and colors, and unique characteristics of different breeds.

Week 5- History of Horses and Riding. Participants learn a brief history of horses and riding

Week 6- Illness and Lameness. Participants, learn about some common conditions of the horse and to recognize when the vet should be called to see a horse.

Week 7 – Hooves and shoeing. Participants learn the basics of the design of the horse hooves and the reasons for shoeing

Week 8- Horses around the world. Participants learn about different uses for horses around the world and their influence on the society around them

Week 9- Horse Racing. Participants learn the basics of the horse racing industry and the Thoroughbred breeders around the world.

Week 10- Competitive Riding- Participants learn about different sports and opportunities within in equestrian world

Week 11- Show Grooming, braiding, clipping. Participants learn the basics of show grooming and clipping

Week 12- Winter Care, blanketing and body clipping. Participants learn the basics of winter care, when and how to blanket, and how and why to body clip

Week 13- No class for Thanksgiving week

Week 14- Horses in Literature Participants take a look and some stories and poems about horses

Week 15- How to draw horses. Participants learn how to draw and paint horses

Week 16- Review- Participants go over all they have learned in their program




Pricing for full horsemanship program costs $750, a deposit of $150 is due at the time of enrollment, after that 4 equal payments of $150 will be due on a payment schedule beginning on the first day of class. 

For students who chose to pay in full a discount of $50 will be given.

About Our Program Director

Lynn Boone, program director and head instructor for the Home School Horsemanship program has over 20 years experience in the equine industry and holds her Associates in Elementary Education and is currently working on her Bachelors. Lynn has an incredible gift for teaching and has put her heart into designing this class for local home school students. Lynn's goal is to use horses to instill confidence and responsibility in students while educating them on the basics of horsemanship.

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